Friday, January 15, 2010

Week in Review

What a wonderful week this has been. We are slowly remembering what this life together is all about and are embracing it. The kids have naturally moved back into the way it should be. It's taking me a little longer, but I'm getting there. What great lessons my kids teach me. Amber has been amazing. She helps me to see and to understand. I am learning so much about myself and about how my own issues effect my children. I am letting go of some things and just working to really trust and allow our days to shape themselves and evolve. I do not need to control...things don't have to be in order...a project does not have to be done a certain way and it is beautiful just how my child creates's ok if the plan changes. There are things that I thought I had let go of and worked on, that have resurfaced and need to be worked on again. It has been a really eye-opening week. The most important thing I learned this week (thanks to amber) is that the beauty and joy is in the experience and the creation, not in the outcome...the outcome is not important and I have to allow the experience to just happen and go in different directions and just follow the beautiful, creative minds of my children without worrying about the "product" or the end result. My OCD does not like this lesson is very freeing for me.

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