Saturday, January 23, 2010

Did I mention that Adam is so happy and free these days? He just seems so much more relaxed. He's working on the new RPG creator program that we downloaded, he's enjoying friends, reading, playing his Lord of the Rings game, building forts outside and in his room, hanging out with me and his sisters, reading a book with Jamie, and more! He's just generally happier and I haven't felt much anger coming from him, either. I'm so happy for him. I'm learning a lot about WHO he is, I'm enjoying listening to him and hanging out with him while he explains his different games and things he's doing. He loves to share what he's doing with everyone. And this shift in my own attitude has allowed me to just really be open to that sharing. It doesn't matter if it's something I'm in to....HE is into it and being present to him while he shares that with me is a real gift. I love to listen to him (and this boy sure can talk) tell me about what he's excited about, nervous about, worried about, happy about. He's so much more important then ANYTHING I might "need" to get done at that moment. And because he is getting this attention and he knows I am present to him he is more himself which is a sweet, loving, compassionate, generous, funny kid!

Erin and I had time to talk some this week. We connected about friendships and just different things going on with her. Again, it was awesome to hear her thoughts and opinions on things. Erin is more quiet with her thoughts and takes more time to get them out in a conversation. So, when she feels like sharing, I really want to be present to that. She's so insightful and brilliant. I really have to quiet myself and allow her room to express what she has to say.

Amber is really growing and maturing. She's so wise. More wise then I was at 17. It's such a joy to see her grow; I really look forward to seeing what she does next. She has decided that she's not going to go to college right away. She wants to travel, and I always knew she would. She feels like she wants to travel while she's young and really has thought it out. She has felt pressured to go to college and has felt like it's what's expected (not by me). She's absolutely right when she says that she feels like she'd waste her time and talents MORE by GOING to college right now. I so respect her ability to see things another way and look "outside the box." When so many people still think that there's only one way to success; I'm so thrilled that she knows that this is not so and that success means something different to her. She's open to college in the future but just has no desire to do that now. And, I TRUST that she is creating her own experience in an amazing and insightful way.

What an awesome journey we're on together.

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