Saturday, January 9, 2010

detoxing myself

I've been spending the past few days detoxing and just immersing myself again in writings and wisdom from other unschoolers. I am remembering slowly what this lifestyle means and am I feel like I'm re-learning it myself. It comes so naturally to children (which is a real testament to it in and of itself) but can be so hard for us grown-ups to get it. It's funny. I've been looking at wonderful websites and blogs created by unschoolers and in the back of my mind I've been thinking, "Ok, so if I can just find someone to tell me how to do it!" LOL Um...right. My mind still wants someone to give me a recipe, a structure for success, a checklist for what to do. And then I remember and laugh at myself and just take a deep breath.

Probably one of the best websites I'm reading is Joyfully Rejoycing (thanks Anne!). It is fantastic and just so full of information, encouragement, answers, etc., etc. AND, it also discusses unschooling and parenting which is just so awesome. Because unschooling isn't separate. It's not like "school" vs. "home" or "homeschool" vs. "family time" or whatever. I actually don't even really like the name unschooling because it has "schooling" in it, which it isn't, so it's kind of a misnomer....but.....anyways, this site is just amazing. Go there. Now. (well, not RIGHT now, finish reading here first) :)

I've also joined a yahoo list that looks like it's going to be awesome, where a new friend of mine is list owner. I'm just so inspired. And, get this......when you join this list, and are approved for membership, one of the suggestions is that you take some time to just read and feel the energy of the list and get to know how it works, etc., before you post anything yourself. I think it said something like two weeks time to do this. I think that's a fantastic idea. Because often we (I) just want to jump in with my voice, before hearing others and getting a feel for the atmosphere, etc. It's pretty cool to just be listening. But, at the same time I'm DYING TO POST! lol So then I was like....did they really mean to wait 2 weeks or was that not literal and they want you to just take a few to feel out the place, etc. So, now I'm stressing on WHEN I should post my first post.

Gosh, I need help.

So, there's just so much living to much fun to be I heard myself ask Jamie, "would doing 'x' bring you joy?" she answered "yes" and i said, "then lets do it." That's what I want our life to be about. Joy. Love. I want so much and am just feeling so excited about this path we're on. And I'm grateful that we're on it together. I can't wait to have another day with my kids. After being stuck in such trauma and difficulty over the past several months, I feel like I'm looking at my kids for the first time in months. And what joy I feel. I'm so grateful that they are so patient with me.

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  1. You are sooooo funny :)) I really loved this post :) Made me laugh a lot :))