Sunday, January 31, 2010

life, life, and more life

Things have been going well here in the big red the way, I called this blog "Big Red House" because when we moved into our big old house almost 10 years ago, the kids started calling it the Big Red House (it's big and Unfortunately, because of it's age, and the expense that would be involved in refurbishing the wood exterior, we've begun the process of putting siding on, so it's no longer red (well, half of it isn't). This makes us sad, but, c'est la vie. We still love our house and will always think of it as the Big Red House.


We've gotten into a sort of comfortable flow, I think. The girls pretty much do their own thing, occasionally asking me for help with something, money for something, etc. We often hang out in the evenings, after little James is in bed, which is nice. Things are just kind of nice. There's a kind of an easy, comfortable, free vibe going on. Just like I like it.

Adam and I exploded his volcano, Mount Moon, for the first time on Friday. That was lots of fun. He plans on building a town beneath it so that we can then watch the town perish. mwahaha.

James is into everything Robots right now. He's all about robots and tanks. We spend many hours talking in "man" voices, fighting, battling, then being friends, then shooting things up, etc. I love to listen to him play and to play with him when he is tired of playing alone. He's got the best imagination. I don't think I've ever met/seen a 3yo quite like James!!

I, personally, am thinking about getting back to doing some sewing for my store. I've taken a break since before Christmas and am feeling ready to get back into it. And, I feel like since we have created a free, open space for learning and living together, now there is room for me and my creativity. Before I felt like it was something I could only do after I "did what needed to be done with the kids." Now I feel like it's all a part of the flow and like I do have the time, whenever I want to make space for it.

Amber also wants to start learning to sew, so we'll be doing that soon.

There's just so much we can do! Every day is free and open and just waiting for us to create it and live in it! I love not having the pressure to get this lesson done, or sign in to a cyberschool, or get in our hour of lessons, or whatever. Each day I am trusting more and more and seeing with OPEN eyes what the truth is about life and learning. It's not about a 2yo saying the ABCs or keeping up with other kids, or whether a kid can say his multiplication tables. Connecting on a daily basis, hearing, listening, talking, BEING, laughing, creating, snuggling, feasting on food for the SOUL....THAT is what it's all about.

Today will be beautiful and full of surprises and's all open and waiting space, to be filled with what we choose to fill it with! That's just so awesome!!!


  1. When you were describing your play with James, it SO reminded me of playing with my son -- crazy similarity --, and then you said your son was 3 and it all made sense :))

    I am really loving this peek into your family and home and mind :) I am glad you have this blog and honored to be witness to your joy as your unschooling life unfolds for your family :)) Yay for unschooling!! I love this huge cyber-community :)))))