Tuesday, February 22, 2011

James and I created another nature table yesterday. He's such a magickal kid, he has that natural quality that some kids have, of just *knowing*, ya know? Anyway, He put rocks, shells, pinecones, his wand, and a branch and stump from a fallen tree outside on his nature altar. He decided to put two candles on, one for God one for Goddess. He also felt it was necessary to put his lego gun that he had created, on his altar (calling it a Nature Gun to make it more palatable to mama...lol). AND, he felt it was very important to put his Vitamin C on his nature altar. It was very important to him. Originally he wanted the whole big bottle of Vit. C. on it, but then agreed to just put three out in a little dish (one for him, one for God, one for Goddess). I love to see him interact with his nature altars and now that he's a little older (4) I can place it somewhere that he can more easily access it and interact. He's free to add or take away from his nature altar. He can play at it or do nothing with it at all. I think his adding the Vitamin C was his way of bringing the Sun to his winter altar. :)

I'm really excited about doing some more active things with James. I love the Oak Meadow curriculum...it's so NOT a curriculum, NOT schooly, but has wonderful ideas, philosophies, and guides the reader in creating rythyms to our day. I also use the book "Circle Round" with my children, in the same way, for spiritual inspiration, ideas, and to naturally nurture my kid's little spirits. My "plan" (which will inevitably change because James will have a different idea) is to have a little Circle Time after our morning ritual of coffee/computer/cartoon/juice. I'm excited about journeying with another little one, who will be my last (as far as I know). What a lucky human I am!!

Erin and I watched "Romeo & Juliet" (the modern version) last night. It was really good, I thought. Tragic! We'll watch "West Side Story" tonight. It'll be interesting to compare/contrast the two.

Adam has come to the conclusion (on his own) that he doesn't want to play the war-themed video games that he's been playing. He's decided that although he knows they're not real, it just doesn't FEEL right to him and he doesn't feel it's something that he should play. Totally his decision and realization. What wonderful things happen when you trust your children.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

wow, i haven't posted here since October!! that's pretty lame. lol

After her Homeschool Leadership Retreat (which was fabulous), Amber came home and was a little unsure of what she wanted to do next. After lots of discussion and pondering and listening to her soul, she decided to stick with her decision to try going to college. But, she thought that maybe she would just go to Community College and take random courses, work part time, and save to go on the Homeschool Leadership Retreat in New Zealand in Fall 2011. After the holidays, she was feeling restless and like she just wasn't DOING anything. Amber is one who needs to be learning, engaged, enriched, and out there. And, basically, she was doing a whole lot of nothing (save her usual solitary activities) up in her room. She was started to sink into her depression and was feeling really crappy. We had a long talk and I made some suggestions and she had some realizations and things have changed since then. Amber is also a person who needs to have a purpose and ever since she was a very small child she would make lists and schedules for herself. So, she started setting some goals and making some lists and things got better. She applied for lots of jobs, took a trip to florida to see her guy, and has been productive in the small projects and tasks she's been giving herself. In December sometime, she realized that Community College isn't really what she wants and that she wanted to go back to her original plan of attending Chatham College. So, we applied, spent a couple of months doing the financial aid stuff, got her transcript and resume together, she went to an optional interview (if you choose not to take the SATs), and we waited. Last week she got a letter of ACCEPTANCE!!!!!!! AND....she got a Trustee's Scholarship!!! I'm so proud of her. We're excited and she feels again like she has some direction. Amber is going to be a fantastic college student. It's just right for her. She's a very natural learner and one of those people who just glows when learning and really living life. She's very excited. And the best thing is that she UNSCHOOLED through all of school. WE UNSCHOOLED and had absolutely no problem getting into a good college when that was her choice. What an affirmation.

The other kids are doing great. Erin is quiet and indecisive and not sure where she is or what she wants to do. yeah, she's 15. :) Adam has chosen to do cyberschool and is doing really well with that. i think it suits him (even though he does complain every day). but, it's what he chose, so......and james is a little bright light buzzing around. he's a master lego builder and astounds us with his abilities and creations.

That's basically where we are. In a very small nutshell. Living, loving, and always learning.