Tuesday, January 26, 2010

creativity abounds!

Adam likes to play with fire (who doesn't, really?). He's allowed to use fire in our backyard in the fire pit when he wants to. My only "rules" are that he has to keep the fire in the pit and he isn't allowed to burn plastic or other materials that would be toxic when burned and he can't add gasoline or lighter fluid, etc. He does a good job and I totally trust him to be responsible. He's already learned a lot just by doing, like: reaching into the fire to pick up something isn't a good idea, grabbing onto the handle of a cast iron pot that's in the fire (with bare hands) isn't a good idea, and when you throw in a plastic action figure to see what happens it produces a black toxic smoke that isn't very good for you or the environment (he just couldn't resist...he is 10 afterall). "Playing" with fire, for Adam, is also a good lesson in focusing and being present. There's a very quick and sometimes painful consequence when a fire-tender is not present and mindful.

Amber has been teaching herself to play the guitar for several years. She started out on my sister's old acoustic and then 2 years ago got a new guitar of her own for her birthday. She did take lessons briefly in the beginning of her learning but quickly decided that she'd rather go it alone and teach herself. She's done amazingly well and plays daily. Sometimes she takes her guitar and sits down in our town somewhere, playing. She has written several songs and has video taped herself singing/playing.

James discovered yesterday that he can cut with scissors all by himself!!

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