Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I had the "revelation" (which is really dumb since I've been doing this long enough that it shouldn't be a revelation) that I shouldn't worry about James at all (at this point) because the compulsory school age in PA isn't until 8 anyways. So, I can unschool him and see how he learns and do different things with him until then, and then if I feel I need support and he needs more structure/support/etc. I can think about cyberschool. PHEW! lol So, I've got to find that flow again. I feel like I'm out of the unschooling vibe after this past year. I kind of feel like someone took our house (with all of us in it) in their arms and threw us all up into the air....and then we froze for a year (or more) and we're just settling back down on the ground. "Settling" sounds too nice....we actually came down with a THUD! and now we're settling. I can't remember how to find the vibe. I guess it's back to my unschooling books and websites for awhile to get back into the mindset. It's funny how you can lose the vibe. Strange, really. I laugh at how many times I've been right here where I am, now. Homeschooling my children for 11+ years, and I still find myself here at least once a year. For anyone who's new to homeschooling....don't worry about those moments of confusion, questioning, chaos, or imbalance. It'll keep happening for as long as you homeschool and sooner or later you'll embrace it as just part of the journey. :)

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