Tuesday, December 13, 2011

homeschooling james

Wow. I'm just so thrilled to be homeschooling James. The older two are doing cyberschool (their choice) so it's really nice to be actually homeschooling a little one again. James was in preschool...but...well...that didn't go so well. lol ahem. Anyways, he's so excited to do things and I'm excited to do them with him. I'm pretty "on the fence" as to whether or not I'll have him do cyberschool next year. On one hand, I know he's going to have some challenges because of his special needs and I don't really want him to be identified and given an IEP, which I know will happen if he's cyberschooled. If he gets an IEP and then later I want to homeschool him, it will make it harder to do that. On the other hand, I just want him to thrive and learn and feel good about himself. If his challenges are such that he feels like he can't succeed and I feel like I'm unable to really help him, then I'll want to get him the help he needs. If he's in cyberschool, at least he's getting that help and support, but he's home here with me. And who really cares about him getting an IEP if it would help him with his learning. Even if he's doing cyberschool, that's like only a couple hours a day so we could be unschooling the rest of the time. So, that's my conundrum. I'm glad I pulled him out of preschool, though. This will give us a good amount of time before next Fall to learn together and I can get a feel for how he learns and whether or not cyberschool is even necessary. He really wants to learn to read....so, I'm going to attempt to teach him that and go from there. If he can learn to read then I think we can pretty much do anything and won't need cyberschool. Decoding the language is often where learning disabilities show up, I think, so I'm just going to start there. If anyone is reading and has suggestions or ideas, please let me know. (I don't even know if anyone reads this!) lol

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