Tuesday, February 22, 2011

James and I created another nature table yesterday. He's such a magickal kid, he has that natural quality that some kids have, of just *knowing*, ya know? Anyway, He put rocks, shells, pinecones, his wand, and a branch and stump from a fallen tree outside on his nature altar. He decided to put two candles on, one for God one for Goddess. He also felt it was necessary to put his lego gun that he had created, on his altar (calling it a Nature Gun to make it more palatable to mama...lol). AND, he felt it was very important to put his Vitamin C on his nature altar. It was very important to him. Originally he wanted the whole big bottle of Vit. C. on it, but then agreed to just put three out in a little dish (one for him, one for God, one for Goddess). I love to see him interact with his nature altars and now that he's a little older (4) I can place it somewhere that he can more easily access it and interact. He's free to add or take away from his nature altar. He can play at it or do nothing with it at all. I think his adding the Vitamin C was his way of bringing the Sun to his winter altar. :)

I'm really excited about doing some more active things with James. I love the Oak Meadow curriculum...it's so NOT a curriculum, NOT schooly, but has wonderful ideas, philosophies, and guides the reader in creating rythyms to our day. I also use the book "Circle Round" with my children, in the same way, for spiritual inspiration, ideas, and to naturally nurture my kid's little spirits. My "plan" (which will inevitably change because James will have a different idea) is to have a little Circle Time after our morning ritual of coffee/computer/cartoon/juice. I'm excited about journeying with another little one, who will be my last (as far as I know). What a lucky human I am!!

Erin and I watched "Romeo & Juliet" (the modern version) last night. It was really good, I thought. Tragic! We'll watch "West Side Story" tonight. It'll be interesting to compare/contrast the two.

Adam has come to the conclusion (on his own) that he doesn't want to play the war-themed video games that he's been playing. He's decided that although he knows they're not real, it just doesn't FEEL right to him and he doesn't feel it's something that he should play. Totally his decision and realization. What wonderful things happen when you trust your children.


  1. I have to comment on the war-themed games, my boys have never been allowed to play them and Josh had been going to his soccer team-mates houses where that is ALL they did--I'm talking sunny and 80 out w/ a pool in their backyard and all they wanted to do was play these shooting games over the internet with each other. Josh said to me that he didn't get it and that he didn't think that it was right and that he didn't even WANT to play them. Needless to say he isn't invited over anymore because he isn't "fun" or whatever but I'm really proud of him! I'm glad Adam found what was right for him.

  2. yeah, carrie. what i love is that adam came to it on his own. the games weren't forbidden and it wasn't MY moral compass that directed what was right for HIM. he played the games for quite a period of time. and i would express that i was uncomfortable with them and only said to him that i would only make a boundary if his behavior or anger levels changed in response to playing the games. he agreed and continued to play. and, now, he has come to that realization totally for himself which i think is always much more powerful. i'm proud of him for listening to his inner self and making a different choice.