Tuesday, May 18, 2010

what we're up to

I haven't updated in a bit. Life is happening, who has time to blog? *lol* We're all busily engaged in our individual passions and activities. The kids are proving more and more every day that we're on the right path. I don't think I ever held out and trusted long enough to really see it happen before. We've been mostly unschooling for 10 years, but I never totally let go and got radical. How awesome it is! We've gone through the deschooling, detoxing, and binge-living (all video games, all computer, all tv), to get to the other side where it really gets good. Here's what everyone's up to....

Amber is excited to have been hired as a Camp Coordinator at one of the City summer camps this summer. It's a month and a half long and everyday. But, she really really wanted it because it will pay for her Homeschool Leadership Retreat that she's attending in October in Oregon! Boy that takes some pressure off. So, she'll get $2500 for this month of work. Not too shabby! I think it will be a great experience for her and the focus is on Literacy which is right up her alley. Amber has also become very outspoken and knowledgeable about responsible living, eating, and farming. She's so awesome. Oh, and one other new activity...she's trying out a Philosophy discussion group here in the City that sounds pretty interesting. Otherwise she's writing lots (as usual) and just being her awesome self!

Erin has continued to be pretty focused on her art. She's also into some RPG game with her friend that I can't remember the name of. Erin chooses to do some traditional learning so has asked that I sit down with her a few times a week to do that. She mostly just wants to know stuff so we're doing Math & Geography right now.

Adam is always busy playing his RPGs and video games, but he has stopped doing ONLY that. He's still working on his model of Rome. He and a group of friends are starting a D&D group, so we're working on cleaning out the basement to create a space for them to meet and play. Adam wants to build a grid table (that's probably not what it's called...what do i know?) to play on, so we'll be doing that. He also just got all of the Percy Jackson books for his birthday so we're going to start reading those together.

James is a wild man. *lol* What else can I say? He's all about robots right now. He slips into character several times throughout the day, so we're never sure who he is. He lets us know very loudly, though. He saw his specialist the other day...we adjusted his supplements and talked about things I can do to help with his energy and impulsivity. I'm realizing that James may need something a little different then the other kids, so I'm open to what that means. But, I still feel really committed to unschooling him as well. We'll figure it out. Hmmm...I need to do a search on "unschooling kids with special needs." If anyone knows of any good resources for that, please let me know.

And me....let's see....I'm freakin busy. Having just lost my partner of 11 years, I'm kind of in a bit of a caccoon-like stage. I need to go through this process and get to the other side. As sad and angry as I feel at her, and as confused as I am about the whole thing, when I let go and detached from her I felt my world open up and felt the flow of energy start again. That flow has been backed up for awhile, while I was stuck in HER stuff. Now it's flowing and all these things are happening. Opportunity abounds....I feel really optimistic and hopeful. And, I just TRUST that all is how it should be and that more will be revealed!

Thanks for reading! I'll leave ya with my current favorite picture....


  1. It's so great to see how well you're doing Donna! You're an inspiration handling teens and toddlers at the same time!

    I think my boys would be VERY interested in doing D&D w. Adam. Let me know if there's anyway they could be included.


  2. oh cool, that would be awesome carrie!